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3D-cat B.V. intends to produce and market Additively Manufactured structures, lab-reactors and Chemical Processing Units (CPU's: tailor-made and optimized catalyst and sorbent reactor elements and mini‐reactors) resulting in smaller plants at much lower cost.
3D-cat B.V. has its registered office in Bergen, The Netherlands, and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands under number 66770971.

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Hans Willemsen
Technology, Commercialization
• 23 years with Royal Dutch Shell. Technical, commercial, operational and global business leadership roles in Netherlands, UK and Singapore
• Formerly CEO of Shell Solar. 5 years with entrepreneurial family business Scheuten: CEO of Scheuten Solar and CEO of Scheuten Glass
• MSc chemical engineering (RU Groningen, the Netherlands), MBM (TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands), supervisory board program (Nyenrode BU, the Netherlands)

Gabriel de Scheemaker
Business Development, Finance
• 21 years with Royal Dutch Shell. Finance, commercial, operational and global business leadership roles in NL, Japan, UK, USA and Canada
• Formerly CEO of Cellana (an algae-to-fuel Shell joint venture), Chairman and CEO of HERA (a Canadian metal-hydride hydrogen storage company), CFO and general manager Asia-Pacific of Shell Hydrogen, VP of Shell Capital, non-executive board member of Icelandic New Energy, Shell's LP-rep in two VCs: (Chrysalix and Conduit)
• (Co-)authored publications on innovation, algae commercialization and hydrogen deployment
• MSc electrical engineering (Delft University), MBA international finance (New York University), Fellow of the Institute of Directors, UK