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Joint Development Projects

We typically get involved in projects to commercialise technology, or to integrate technology and make new products

On the Interface

3D-CAT understands both the language of industry (and its needs) and that of additive manufacturing (and its potential)

Intellectual Property

Slowly but steadily, our patent portfolio is growing

Pilot Reactors

3D-cat aims to commercialize 3D-printed ceramic lab reactors that can be produced in a tailor-made manner, which, due to the use of ceramic material are more resistant to the chemicals used and maintain the integrity of chemical processes within the reactor.

Reactor Components

We can also print only the mixer unit, the reactor unit, or the separation unit of a reactor, or components thereof, in order to build larger reactors. Our US and EU patents make us a well-placed supplier for this modularity. We have recently experimented with carrier units (for sorbents), with integrated actuators (such as heaters) or with sensors (such as integrated thermo-couples) – patent pending.

Technology, Commercialization
• 23 years with Royal Dutch Shell. Technical, commercial, operational and global business leadership roles in Netherlands, UK and Singapore
• Formerly CEO of Shell Solar. 5 years with entrepreneurial family business Scheuten: CEO of Scheuten Solar and CEO of Scheuten Glass
• MSc chemical engineering (RU Groningen, the Netherlands), MBM (TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands), supervisory board program (Nyenrode BU, the Netherlands)

Hans Willemsen

Business Development, Finance
• 21 years with Royal Dutch Shell. Finance, commercial, operational and global business leadership roles in NL, Japan, UK, USA and Canada
• Formerly CEO of Shell Algae (Cellana), Chairman and CEO of HERA (a Canadian metal-hydride hydrogen storage company), CFO Shell Hydrogen, VP Asia-Pacific Shell Hydrogen, VP Shell Capital, non-exec Icelandic New Energy, Shell’s LP-rep in two VCs: (Chrysalix and Conduit), co-founder LeydenJar Technologies
• MSc electrical engineering (Delft University), MBA international finance (New York University), Fellow of the Institute of Directors (UK)

Gabriel de Scheemaker

Let’s work together on your
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3D solutions are tailor-made. That is their unique selling point. This means that any solution has to be created with a customer.